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Licensed Acupuncture

Mike S. - "Nice quaint shop in the heart of Nyack.  Really comfortable heated  table with a full body pillow. But be prepared to lay down for a long time.  She doesn't rush.  Excellent service and very comfortable, clean place.  Highly recommend Marie and her Center.  Five stars because she is really helping me with my sciatica.  And after all, when it comes down to it.  That's what's most important."

Relax. Rebalance.


The IonCleanse by AMD helps the body detox.  The process is safe, relaxing, and non invasive with no harmful side effects.

A Few Words From Our Patients

Janice N. - After years of a sedentary lifestyle, my body screamed out in agony for help.  The pain became insurmountable.  It started in my lower back and then just seemed to go to all my joints. If I tried to work out, the aches and pains became worst the following day.  I wanted to lose weight and get back in shape but the pain prevented me from ever believing I could attain these goals.  I went to Marie and she helped me with acupuncture.  We made a plan and she remained dedicated to see me through.  She believed in me and that acupuncture would help.  I stuck to it and in a few sessions, the pain subsided.  The best news that within a year I booked a trip to Arizona and spent my time hiking through the canyons.  I am now able to enjoy my life again and pain free.

Cupping is a technique that provides increased 

circulation to painful areas of the body by using glass cups.

Jeannine P. - I have been a patient of Marie's for almost twenty years.  Over the course of two decades, Marie has treated me for: anxiety and chronic back pain.  Marie's office is welcoming and calming.  The treatment rooms are comfortable and inviting.  Marie will always take the time to assess your needs and never rushes through a treatment.  After being treated, I leave with less pain and a deep sense of well being.  If you are considering acupuncture, do yourself a favor and visit Marie, you will not be disappointed.

Featured Services

Acupuncture is a a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approach to health and wellness
to promote natural healing. 

Marie A. Gonzales, L. Ac. has helped thousands of people over the years with acupuncture, cupping therapy and other natural healing treatment.

Monday: 11am - 8pm. Tuesday: 10am - 7pm. Wednesday: 4pm - 8pm..  Thursday: 3pm - 7pm.  Friday: 1pm - 6pm.  

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Roni F. - Marie has been my practitioner for many years.  Her skill and knowledge are impressive.  She sincerely cares about everyone she treats.  The energy in the office is calm, relaxing and nurturing.  Over the years I have had issues with sciatica, running injuries, sever back pain and allergies.  All are greatly improved.  Marie has always been able to provide amazing relief with her acupunture treatments and gets me back on my feet.  I highly recommend her.