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Licensed Acupuncture

A Few Words From Our Patients

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Meet Marie Gonzales, L. Ac.

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Marie Gonzales is medically trained and a licensed acupuncturist.  She attended the distinguished Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City, NY.  After obtaining a baccalaureate, she received a Masters Degree in Acupuncture.  The Tri-State College of Acupunture is one of the oldest acupuncture schools in the United States. It offers its students rigorous hands-on training in three styles of acupuncture and several complementary modalities.  Marie has been in practice for over 20 years in the New York metropolitan area and since 2007 has owned and operated The Acupuncture Center in Nyack, NY. Marie works collaboratively with and provides complimentary services for patients undergoing physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic,  and other related therapies and medical treatments.

About The Experience

Whether is is your first time meeting Marie Gonzales or you have been to The Acupuncture Center many times, the warmth and compassion flourish as she takes in your circumstance and evaluates best direction to well being.  

From the moment you step into the Center's comfortable and attractive environment, through each stage of the process, you will always feel like you made a new friend who is committed to your treatment process.

​Marie is trusted by thousands of people.  So many have turned to her for support and assistance to improve health and well-being.  As an experienced professional, Marie will educate and guide you through the treatment from the first stage of assessment throughout every step of the process.  To determine the proper treatment plan best suited for your body's condition, Marie takes the time to study your habits and lifestyle.  It is a science and a process where each patient is unique and each visit customized for success.   Areas which patients have had success is related to pain and injury, toxicity, allergies, parasites and overall GI health related issues, autoimmune issues, fertility, hormonal balance and the effects of stress and aging.

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During the evaluation, Marie takes in the whole person to include holistic medical history and other relevant data points.  Her goal is equal to yours: improve health and well being for fastest and safest recovery.

Tara G. - "My sister suggested that I consider acupuncture to alleviate the tingling sensation I had in my fingertips.  As a satisfied client, she recommended her own acupuncturist, who is Marie Gonzales.  Marie had successfully used acupuncture to ease my sister's pain and to improve her quality of life (sleep/rest, mobility for daily/functions including work)."  

Pat C. - "New to acupuncture, Marie helped me to feel comfortable by explaining the treatment process.  During subsequent sessions, she shared her knowledge to further develop my understanding of acupuncture and well-being.  most importantly, Marie Gonzales has always listened and responded to my concerns with care."