Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy, a more recently recognized technique of Oriental Medicine, uses glass, bamboo or silicone cups to create a vacuum seal on areas of the body.  The suction created by the seal brings fresh blood toward the surface encouraging blood flow through the tissues. Cupping is used to relieve pain, loosen stiff muscles and calm the nervous system. It can be used alone or in combination with an acupuncture treatment. The cups may be placed over traditional acupuncture points or areas of pain and congestion.

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Patient B.F. "I am amazed at the profound effect of the Cupping treatment and how quick the results occurred.."

Licensed Acupuncture


Marie A. Gonzales, L. Ac.


Considered a type of deep tissue massage, cupping can affect the body inches beneath the skin enabling it to be effective in releasing toxins.  It is believed to open up blockages in the meridian channels allowing for the free flow of energy (qi) and blood through the area.  A healthy energy flow of qi is thought to improve both the physical and mental well-being of the person.

What To Expect

Cupping causes the skin to temporarily redden and in cases of injury, can cause a purplish discoloration where the cup was placed.  Cupping does not always cause a residual discoloration of the skin and is not a measurement of how effective the cupping treatment was.  In the event a skin discoloration occurs it is rarely painful and will fade after a few days or sometimes weeks if the skin is purplish.

Massage magazine reports that clients who have received cupping sessions found it relieved chronic pain and helped improve range of motion to injured areas.  The clients who experienced the pain relief reported that the effects lasted longer than the pain relief associated with other massage modalities.